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The nature of divorce, in itself, is always a hard thing to deal with, especially when it comes to keeping relationships. Whatever kind of divorce you would choose to have, it will always be a hard circumstance that you will have to deal with. If you or someone close to you is faced with this kind of situation, then you should keep your options open, and you should always work with a divorce attorney to help with the process.

Divorce attorney

Usually, divorce can be extremely overwhelming. Divorce is a process that is generally tough for both parties. However, if you can settle the divorce, then you can opt to choose either a contested and uncontested type of divorce.

Uncontested Divorce And Contested Divorce: The Difference Between The Two Types Of Divorce

If you are planning to get a divorce, you have to remember that there are four major factors that will matter. These are:

  • Division of assets or property
  • Division of debts
  • Custody of children
  • Child support and/or spousal support

These are things that you will have to settle with your spouse before you can finally say that your divorce has been finalized.

In an uncontested divorce, there is an agreement between both parties. This would mean that after you have settled these four factors that are needed for divorce, you can immediately proceed with the signing of the divorce papers. When you file for an uncontested divorce, it is understood that both you and your spouse are mutual about the decision on how you are going to divide your assets, liabilities, and child custody. Going for this option will make the process faster and easier than the usual.

In a contested divorce, on the other hand, it is the exact opposite of an uncontested one. If both parties were able to come up with a mutual decision for an uncontested divorce, you can expect that a contested divorce is a polar opposite. This just makes everything more complicated, given that both spouses would want their side to be the winning side for the terms they want. Each have different contentions on the grounds for divorce. They can either ask for a larger property, lower debts, or sole custody of children. Given this, you can expect that the debates and arguments will be a bit lengthy and will take a longer time to settle.

How Can A Flint Divorce Lawyer Help With Your Case?

While it is true that you can file for an uncontested divorce without the help of a lawyer, it is still very much recommended that you work with one. For a contested divorce, you have no choice but to really work with a divorce attorney since the whole process is more complicated to deal with. Expect that when you get the services of a lawyer for these kinds of divorce cases, they will do everything that they can to help you with what you are dealing with. With their help and expertise, they can provide you the legal services that you will need when you are faced with a divorce.

The Benefits Of Getting An Uncontested Divorce

There are a lot of things that you can get from opting for an uncontested divorce. Let’s take a look at some of them:

It ends a marriage more smoothly 

Dealing with a divorce is already hard enough on its own. Even after the process has been done, both individuals involved will still have to go through their own healing. Choosing to go through an uncontested divorce instead of a contested one will give both parties the peace of mind they both deserve in regards to the settlement. Nothing beats the mere feeling of knowing that you have reached an agreement with someone and that you have both agreed to it wholeheartedly.

It will cost you less

It is a known fact that divorce in the country, in this context, is quite costly. Given that you have to pay for the legal fees incurred during the whole process, then it will only mean that the longer the proceedings will be, the more expensive it is for you. If you are going with a contested divorce, then that means that you will have to file for your claim in court. This will be very difficult as your spouse would have to file theirs, as well. It is until then that the court will see what will be the fairest deal for both parties, given the circumstances. It will also cost you less because you do not have to be actually represented by your lawyer in court, thereby cutting down the cost of fees by a large amount.

You will retain your privacy and confidentiality

If you do not want the public to know the terms of the settlement that you have to go through, then choosing an uncontested divorce is the best way for you to achieve this. Although the negotiate statements will still have to be filed in court, it is not absolutely necessary for these documents to be put on the public record. This means that any agreement that you and your spouse make in private will not reflect on the records that are to be made available in public. This will definitely bring you more privacy and confidentiality about your case, and it can also result in the lowering of the conflict that can be brought about by external factors.

If You Are Decided That You Will Get An Uncontested Divorce, Make Sure That You Work With An Experienced Divorce Attorney

May it be a contested or uncontested divorce, getting the help of a divorce attorney will extremely be of help to you. They will not only help you out by dealing with the legalities of the divorce, but they can also help speed up the whole divorce process as well. Divorce is always a tough time for any individual. Do not make it any harder for yourself by going through this all on your own. Make sure that you get the best divorce attorney in Flint, Michiagan.




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