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Kathleen Buckley, P.C., is a law firm that practices exclusively in the area of family law. The firm is located in Flint, Michigan, and serves clients in Genesee County and the surrounding area. Attorney Kathleen Buckley is a sole practitioner who has been helping families successfully resolve their legal matters for more than 35 years and her clients can expect an expert legal strategy that is customized to their unique financial, emotional, and legal needs.

Family Law Attorney in Flint, MI

Committed to providing high-quality family law advice without unnecessary cost or delay.

Kathleen Buckley

Genesee County Family Law Attorney with a Client-Centered Approach to Family Law


I care deeply about the people I serve. I take time to listen to clients, understand their concerns and develop sound legal strategies designed to achieve their objectives. When you retain my services, you will work directly with me through every stage of your case.

I understand no two families are the same and tailor our approach to meet your needs.  I am committed to answering all questions in a timely manner and will keep you informed through every phase of your case.

I know that my clients want their family law matters resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is why I am committed to providing high-quality family law advice without unnecessary cost or delay.

Genesee County Family Law Attorney Kathleen Buckley


If you’re having issues with your family law matters, Kathleen Buckley, P.C. can help you through the entire process.
Kathleen Buckley serves clients in Flint, MI and Genesee County area, so you can be sure that she knows the ins and outs of the local laws in the county.
Kathleen Buckley is an experienced family attorney who has been helping clients with familial legal issues for over 35 years. 
She understands the intricacies and the emotional trauma 
that every client may face, and she will do all within her power
to ensure that your rights are protected.

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Family Law Attorney in Flint, MI



Through mediation and/or litigation, my divorce and family law firm can help you gain the most equitable, fair results from your divorce, including distribution of the marital home and other assets, reasonable child support payments and child custody rights enforcement. 



When spouses decide to end their relationship, they can either terminate their marriage through divorce or divide their assets with an action for separation, while leaving the marriage intact. In Michigan, spouses can file for divorce, but there is no proceeding called legal separation. Instead, if spouses have a religious objection to filing for absolute divorce, they can file for separation or separate maintenance.

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Separate Maintenance

Legal separation is referred to as “separate maintenance” in Michigan. The filing requirements for separate maintenance, including residency and grounds, are the same as those for divorce. The procedures for division of property, child and spousal support, and child custody are also the same. The main difference with a separate maintenance action is that the marriage is not terminated.  The costs of legal separation or separate maintenance are also the same.



When deciding to end a marriage, there are several different ways to conclude the relationship. An increasingly popular decision is for couples to undergo mediation. Instead of a lengthy court battle with high stress and emotions, mediation allows both spouses to reach a divorce agreement that works in the best interest of each. 

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Child Custody

Child custody cases are never easy, and they are known to be one of the most difficult types of legal situations a person can find themselves in. Following a divorce, you are still going to be a family forever.  Your relationshio with your children is worth any fight.

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Child Support

 Child support law in Michigan is based on a strict formula known as the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual, also referred to “the Michigan child support guidelines”.   However, it is always prudent to seek an attorney’s counsel to ensure that the calculations of what you are required to pay or entitled to receive are done correctly, as there are a number of factors that go into this determination.

parenting plan

Parenting Plans

This is particularly important if children are involved, as kids are usually more negatively impacted by the bitterness of divorce proceedings than they are by the concept of divorce itself.

spousal support

Spousal Support

Spousal support is commonly referred to as alimony. This is the payment that the court orders one spouse to pay to the other. There are several ways for this payment to be settled, such as installments, a lump sum, or yearly payments.



Although Michigan is a state with a no-fault divorce policy, one party may still be responsible for the alimony or spousal support. 

I understand that clients turn to me during stressful, emotionally charged times, and I am here to advocate for them and guide them through the entire process.  My services include litigation as well as alternatives such as mediation.  I am committed to finding the best possible approach for the clients I serve.  For more than three decades, I have been passionately helping families navigate towards their futures.

What Our Clients Say



a Divorce client

“The best professional around! The day I walked into Kathy’s office, I was defeated, beaten down and afraid. After talking to her at my consultation, I realized she would have my back. She fought for me, and only had my well being as a focus. Although the process lasted much longer than I had hoped, it was entirely worth…”



a Child Custody client

“Very professional – was able guide my expectations and ultimately we won the case. I am very happy with the process of working with Kathleen Buckley-O’Neill for a child custody case. She was very upfront with me regarding expectations and requirements of the court. She was able to connect me and my children with really good and effective support and resources. It seemed like a long and tedious process…”


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For your family law legal matters in Flint, MI, please feel free to contact my local office. At Kathleen Buckley, P.C., I believe in adjusting my approach to the needs of my clients, so you can be sure that you are in good hands when you work with me.  Call me today for a consultation.

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