Couples bicker and argue with each other about many things all the time. As unpleasant as a fight may be, not every single one should end in a divorce. Disagreement is a part of spending your life with another person. After all, every individual has their own ideas, opinions, and concerns on different things. Therefore, it’s crucial that you are able to distinguish between a relationship ending fight and one that requires compromising and understanding to resolve. With that said, here’s our guide on how to identify whether the marriage is worth keeping or if divorce is the best solution:

How emotions affect our decisions

Humans are creatures of emotion; we base many of our decisions on immediate emotional responses. Most of the time, these abrupt decisions don’t end well, as they are clouded by prejudice, anger, jealousy, and frustration. When it comes to a decision as impactful as a split, it’s imperative that you consider every detail to ensure that you resolve the situation with a clear mind. You have to keep in mind that fighting isn’t inherently a bad thing, as it shows that both parties care about each other enough to express their emotions and thoughts. It’s more important that you both learn to communicate with one another in a more productive manner to ensure that both of you can accept the decisions that you have made together as a couple.

When you are confronted with tough choices, you have to make sure that you are in the best state to make a decision. You should remove yourself from the situation so that you can address all the possible solutions as well as the long-term consequences to find out the root cause of your concern. For this reason, being able to communicate with your partner is the most integral part of a healthy marriage.

How do I know if I should get divorced or not?

The first sign that usually suggests that marriage isn’t going to end well is when you start to feel like you have no part in your spouse’s life. If you begin to feel as if you’re not taken as seriously as you would want to be, the first thing you need to do is to state your concerns. Make sure that you are honest, respectful, and unbiased, as everything you say needs to stem from how you genuinely feel. If you dance around the point or if you are too blunt in the way you say things, you will often just end up making the situation worse. The conclusion to such a discussion may not be satisfactory for either party.

If your spouse retaliates against your points instead of addressing it, they are showing that they are unwilling to work with you. The most important thing you need to remember here is that if there is abuse involved, you should remove yourself from that situation immediately. Aggression is a sign that your spouse is more concerned about dominating you rather than being a life partner, so you shouldn’t let societal pressure such as expectations from your family and friends deter you from making the right decision.

Additionally, if there is cheating involved, we would suggest that you get out of that relationship as quickly as possible. Those who cheat have a tendency to repeat the act, so if you suspect that it won’t be an isolated case, you shouldn’t subject yourself to such torment at all.


Remember – it’s okay to be angry

It’s okay to be angry with your spouse. The important thing to remember here is that you should both be willing to come together to make it work. That being said, there are different levels of anger. Frustration, for one, is a typical emotional response for when things don’t go the way you expect it to. It’s an emotion that is to be expected when you live with somebody. However, when the anger is so intense that you feel like you can’t ever look at your spouse’s face ever again, even after many days after the feud, you may be looking at the end of a marriage. Again, it’s vital that you are able to distinguish your emotions so that you can assess the situation more accurately.

If you are certain that divorce is the only solution, then you shouldn’t feel shameful or regret the decisions you have made. On the contrary, you should work with a professional divorce attorney to ensure that your best interests are represented.

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