Divorce proceedings can add up and be expensive, emotionally draining, and will take up all of your time. Divorce is not a difficult process in itself; the hard part is speaking and coming to terms with your spouse about agreements after the divorce is final.

This can be about custody, finances, households, and more. Going through a divorce hearing requires putting your emotional attachments aside. Divorce can be painful and most people going through it just want it to be over with.

If you want a divorce that is affordable, quick, and painless, you should consider going for mediation, which is when you and your spouse try to work things out in agreement with an unbiased middleman. This is best for couples who basically almost agree on everything already but just need a little mentoring. Here are some reasons you mediation might be the best choice for you:

Mediation is the fast-track to divorce

Because mediation will not take as much time as a traditional divorce, it costs less. Most expenses with divorce are stemmed from the amount of time it takes to get it. Not only will you have to pay for each individual attorney, but your whole battle over parenting time in court, too.

If you and your ex can compromise on most things, you may be able to get out of it a lot faster than normal and avoid all the unnecessary expense. Going through mediation will allow you and your spouse better control of the situation and how much time it takes to resolve your issues.

They often say that there is no fast track through a divorce, but if you and your spouse can communicate things through and want to get it done with, mediation is your best bet.

Take control of your divorce

If you can both work together, you can successfully come up with a parenting schedule, custody plan, and plan on how you will split up your possessions. Sure, there are some things you might disagree on, but that’s where the mediator comes in. They should be someone who has experiences with divorce and understands marriage and divorce law.

You don’t want to courts to decide for you, which is why you’re taking the mediation route instead. You can be in power of your divorce in order to prepare yourself for your futures apart. Working closely with your spouse will allow you both to speak things through and work things out. Making sure the relationship is civil will allow for easier parenting in the future.

You don’t have to spend everything on divorce

As mentioned earlier, since mediation is a lot faster, you will be saving money. Saving as much money wherever you can on your divorce will allow you to set up a better life for yourself in the future. Divorce proceedings do not need to cost you all your life’s savings. Making it more affordable will be better for you and your future, so try your best to save where you can, and you can start by choosing mediation.

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